“The U” documentary was so good, a high school QB made commitment based on it

Preston Dewey

We all saw it, we all know how freakin’ awesome “The U” documentary was as a part of the ESPN Films 30 for 30 series. Those players in the 1980s as the University of Miami were badasses, they won everything, partied hard, and gave the middle finger to the NCAA every chance they got.

But not even I could have predicted this: Preston Dewey is a high school pro-style QB from Austin, Texas, who is committed and enrolled at “The U” right now. The reason? The documentary.

In an article from The Palm Beach Post, Dewey admits he didn’t know much of anything about Miami before he saw the documentary, which aired as one of the first 30 for 30 films. After seeing “The U,” he was sold. “It was awesome,” Dewey told the Post.

Someone needs to write a letter to Dewey telling him that The U is not like the 1980s version of The U. They aren’t the most dominant team of the decade anymore. Florida State is ahead of them in recruiting. And, although they’re calling Quarterback U, the last one they produced was in 2003 — Ken Dorsey. Eek!

But, man, the film is indeed motivating. If he watches that every day in the fall, including game days, maybe Miami will be really successful.

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